Great Question! The festival began in1995, so technically, this is the 26th year. However, because the pandemic cancelled the 2020 event, this is the 25th Festival! See our video from one of the founders in our video page.

You can view the list of events here


Electricity can be provided for a fee of $250. Portable generators will not be allowed.

No, probably not. If you are a food truck or other prepared food vendor then you will have additional requirements. please reach out to us at UFOfestival@indepth.events with any questions.

Tables and chairs are not included in the the vendor fee. Please bring your own as needed for your booth.

No! Tents for all vendor booths will be provided and included in the $150 booth fee. Lighting will be provided as needed also.

You can apply using this form!

$150 for each event.