Space Waves is Bringing EDM from the Third Planet to Roswell

Come and swim under the stars to an EDM beat! 

We took the best parts of the summer and put them together in an event that will elevate your mind!  We’re bringing a powerful sound system, a killer light rig, and some amazing special effects to the outdoor Roswell swimming pool for a beat-droppings EDM party.   

Who is coming to the EDM Space Waves Event?

This event has been specifically made for the teen age group.  Experience mind-melting beats with your peers from all over the nation.  Bring your friends and your swimsuit and dance the night away to our live EDM DJ.  If you’re looking for a great time in a safe environment, this is the event for you! 

What can I expect at the Space Waves event? 

This event is going to have pulse-pounding beats and sick drops for the EDM connoisseur.  We’ll have great lighting and amazing atmospheric special effects, including a snow storm!  You can dance, swim – or both at the same time!  Concessions will be open for food and drink and the event begins at 8 pm and ends at midnight.   

 Security and Safety 

Safety and security are paramount to the experience!  The pool is a gated area and we’ll have plenty of lifeguards to make sure everyone is practicing safe swimming.  The vibe is chill, so don’t expect ignorance – just like minded people enjoying the beat while watching the stars.   

Buy your tickets here and get ready for a great night! 

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