UFO Festival 2021 Sneak Peek!

We are so excited for this year’s UFO Festival!

Invade Roswell and have an unforgettable experience with friends and family. There will be food, alcohol, live music and so much more! Get out your alien gear and come to the largest known UFO event in the universe. 

There are going to be events all over the City of Roswell, New Mexico. You can go to our events tab on the website and pick and choose which events you absolutely must attend. We will also have an “out of this world” VIP ticket package that will get you access to all the events. Stay tuned for that to be released.

Sneak Peak..

We are planning a super fun Arts and Craft Fair at the Roswell Zoo! It will take place at the Spring River Park Zoo on 4th of July. It will be family friendly and FREE admission. There will be food trucks, vendors, children’s activities, animal encounters and more.  You can also visit the zoo with a general admission ticket.  We will have a link directly on the website to make it easy for you to purchase your zoo tickets. 

Vendors Welcome!

We will also be welcoming vendors from all over the galaxy. Each event will have a variety of vendors throughout the weekend. Interested in being a vendor? You can go to our vendors tab on the website and fill out a vendor form. Once the application is live, we will send you a complete application with all the details. We want all participants to have fun with the UFO theme and decorate their space as creatively as possible. If you sell alien themed merch, we want you! 

Want FREE admission to a main event?

Volunteer opportunities are available. If you would love all things UFO, and want to be considered fill out the volunteer form. You will be able to gain free entry to one of the main events and take home a commemorative UFO Festival Volunteer shirt. We are only asking for 4 hours from each volunteer so that you don’t miss any of the festivities. Go to  http://ufofestival.com/volunteer now to be a crucial part of this years UFO Festival.


2019 UFO Festival Parade

We are also making this year’s parade a BIG one.

The parade will happen immediately after opening ceremonies on Friday July 2nd. We want to get as much community involvement as possible. If you are a part of any high school organizations please reach out so we can make you a part of the parade. We are also accepting applications from other organizations such as motorcycle clubs, real estate companies and businesses that want to decorate a float for the parade. More details coming soon. Most importantly, have fun and get creative!

2019 UFO Festival Roswell, New Mexico

Art Cars Show

This year we are also doing Cars from Outer Space before our opening ceremony Friday July 2nd. This is a completely free event that will take place at the opening ceremonies location so that  attendees can visit your decorated cars and take pictures with them. We encourage you to participate in this fun event. You can also be a part of the parade if you choose to once we wrap up opening ceremonies. 

Download the Abduction Parade/ Cars from Outer Space and return to Veronica@indepth.events.

Be sure to check out our events page to see how you can participate in this year’s UFO Festival. https://ufofestival.com/event/list/

Comments: 11

  1. Shane S. says:

    Purchased a VIP pass! Super excited to attend my first UFO Festival this year!

  2. Debra Hoke says:

    I so want to be there this year but it’s not possible 😔. I miss my home state and the SE corner that was home! I’ll be watching through the Facebook page

  3. Kalli says:

    Are they not doing a costume contest? I do it every year with the exception of last year. It would be really dissapointing to have the main thing people come for not happen.

    • Veronica Calzada says:

      Hi! There will be an opportunity to participate in a costume contest. Stay tuned as we continue to release more details. Thank you!

  4. Nicole Jellison says:

    It’s my dream to be there. Probably not this year. 🙁

  5. Cheyene says:

    This is my first year to go and I am super excited and can’t wait!! See you all real soon! 🙌❤️👽

  6. Coral says:

    Can’t wait! This will be my first time attending. 🙂

  7. Christina says:

    Missed having the festival last year – glad it is returning!

  8. Becky says:

    See you soon, Roswell!

  9. william says:

    I will be there with a friend who also shares an interest in this field we are very excited to attend this event but feel a little dissapointed that we may not be able to see The movie on July 1st we thought we would be able to get a ticket at the door if possible can we still be able to make this?

    • Matthew Spencer says:

      Tickets will be limited to help maintain social distancing practices. Tickets are selling quickly and are expected to sell out. If any are still available on the day of the show you will be able them on the website and instantly get the no contact paperless ticket.

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