UFO Festival 2022

Thank you for joining us for the 2021 Roswell UFO Festival! We hope to see you at the 2022 festival to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Roswell Incident!

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What is the UFO Festival?

Was it an alien encounter, a weather balloon, or a flying saucer? The event known as the Roswell Incident quickly swept through the nation in 1947. The “UFO Capital of the World” is known internationally by UFO enthusiasts and deniers alike!

The City of Roswell is excited to open its doors to a worldwide audience for the 2022 annual UFO Festival. This destination Festival will include plenty of immersive experiences, live music, local food, out of this world photo ops, as well as other family-friendly events happening all over the city.

About Roswell

Roswell, New Mexico became famous around the world for an alleged UFO crash landing in 1947.  Located at 33.3943° N, 104.5230° W, in the middle of the southeastern New Mexico desert, Roswell has a rich and varied history. Come to Roswell for the UFO Festival, and stay for the beautiful desert sunsets and the friendly people!


Official UFO Festival Merchandise

Looking for official UFO Festival merchandise? You’ve come to the right place! Click below for official t-shirts, hats, souvenirs, and of course, the world-famous alien shades. You don’t need to crash your spaceship in Roswell to bring home some cool UFO goods!


Shopping in Roswell

There’s more to Roswell than aliens! Find out more about the lively and engaging people and businesses that inhabit our beautiful part of southeastern New Mexico. Roswell is home to artists, musicians, thespians and people from all walks of life. 


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